Connecting to Frandum using Putty

We provide here some information on how to connect to Frandum when you are playing under a Windows system.


The windows basic telnet client is a very basic program and does not have a really pretty look and feel. We suggest the use of a GPL telnet suite called PuTTY. It provides a very simple and minimal interface to telnet any kind of server but fully supports the ANSI colour terminals and some other quite useful features.

Additionaly it is a very good SSH client, that should always be prefered to simple telnet when logging remotely into an account, but this is another story.

Installing PuTTY

You can download the putty zipfile from the original site or from here. Save it on your computer, double-click on it and voila, the installation is done!

Configuring the connection

To play Frandum, just start putty.exe and you will get the basic configuration window as follows:

Connection to Frandum through Putty

  1. Be sure that the connection type is "Telnet"
  2. Enter the Host ( and port (2001) information as shown above
  3. (Optionnally) enter a session name to quickly access Frandum next time
  4. (Optionnally) save the session
  5. Click on the "Open" button to connect to Frandum


You should get something very near to this:

Frandum login screen

You may now follow the instructions described in the "Enter frandum" page. If you have problems with the display of colours, type colours while playing.

Don't hesitate to peek into Putty's setting in order to see how to extend your buffer (have more lines in your history), log your sessions ..

Happy Mudding! If you have any trouble connecting: contact us

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